Thursday, December 30, 2010

Terrible Day

One day, before 2010 end.
Now, i'm in desperate. The reason of this day is terrible. When i woke up at this morning my mom was angry at all. Realize, i'm wrong as my brother too. It hppend cause my brother and i are lazzy, the most lazy in this word whteverlah. We always late to take a pray. You can imagine guys, how many times my mother woke us up? 10? more than i think, bcause i still sleep whereas my mother come back for superindo to went shopping. That's my brother and i bad habit. Who is not angry if every morning must waste they energy just for make my brother and me up. My mother's angry cause she's tired. Not just bout that she's angry, she's tired too to ask me study. And also this morning my mother shouted bout my National Examinition firmly. My heart beating, my brain running. I know what should i do. But i can't to do. That's all about this morning.
Continues at the afternoon.
I'm sooooo frustration cause my class project >yearbook<. Don't ask why, actually that make me so desperate.
And what happen on this night, dont know, just a wish, my mother be better.
With this condition i'm afraid to ask her permission to take a private new year party at my classmates house.
My question, what happen tomorrow in the last of this year ?
please, dont be tomorrow like today, that sounds bad
Can i have a special nigth to close this year with my beloved friends and do something that i haven't in my story new year. 
Till my 15th years old i always enjoyed new year in front of tv. kurang melas apa aku coba !

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